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How are your media prices determined?

Terpodactyl Media has developed a pricing structure based on industry standards and flexibility for each client. We determine each project price based on travel, photography/design session time, and the final media selected for purchase. Our travel fee is $0.25/mile and our session rates start at $25/hour for design and $100/hour for photography/videography. The final media is selected from a library where clients can choose their favorite pieces and preferred license type. Media licenses start at $20/image and vary based on the exclusivity and use of the media. For copywriting, we work on a per-word basis that starts at $0.10 and depends on content. The best way to assess a project's price is to fill out our request quote form.

I have a project in mind that has a deadline. How long is your turnaround time?

Terpodactyl Media takes pride in producing quality, consistent work with a reasonably fast turnaround. That being said, manicured media does take time, so please allow for a one-two week window, depending on your requests. We know that products come and go quickly and that time is of the essence! If you have a deadline for a media project, please request your quote as soon as possible so your session time can be reserved. Each project turnaround depends entirely on the subject, company, and communication -- but we're happy to work with you to make your deadline!

How can purchased media be used?

All licenses permit social media, web, and print advertising usage. For-profit prints (like product packaging, posters, and merchandise) require an additional licensing fee that may be purchased at the time of production. Interested in a custom license (like social media use only)? Let's chat!

How long in advance do I have to book my photography or design session?

We generally book clients out two weeks at a time, but our schedule is often flexible. No matter how soon you're looking to book, please head to the request quote page and submit your inquiry today to solidify your session before it's too late!*

*Rush orders may incur an additional fee. 


Do you accept style requests?

Terpodactyl Media is happy to take style requests for photography, videography, design, and copywriting. Please include any style suggestions in your quote request form or message. We will review them and get back to you with more information before your booking.

I have a production facility with limited space and access. Do you shoot products in your own studio or need accommodations on location? 

Terpodactyl Media is ready to take on your photography or videography project on-location OR in-studio! We are fully equipped for travel and remote setup, but we also have our own studio (for more detailed and controlled work). Producers without the extra space or time to host us can request an in-studio shoot and provide products for a simple pickup.

I'm interested in photography but can't arrange for any of the products to leave my facility. Is a sample required or can you work with what we have?

We're seasoned handlers of all things cannabis, with over seven years of hands-on industry experience. We have a personal passion for the plant and all of its products and promise to handle your hard work with care. If you can't provide a sample product for a shoot, we can work carefully with your available inventory on-site.  

My company is running a social media/ad campaign that has a timeline and strict media release guidelines. Can I request exclusivity of the final media purchased?

Our media licenses give each client control over how their final work is shared outside of their company (I.E. on the photographer's website or social pages). If you would like to retain first-use or overall usage rights, please specify on your quote request so that we may offer you information on our exclusive license pricing.

Do you offer any discounts?

We're currently not offering any discounts as we try to keep pricing fair and flexible from the start. However, if you're interested in a monthly content contract or bulk discounts, please send us an inquiry. 

Can I purchase prints of photos on your website or Instagram?

Absolutely! We may not have our "Shop" up and running yet, but a quick email or direct message will do the trick! Just let us know which image you're interested in and if you have any size or finish preferences. We'll get back to you with a quote and more information.

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