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Hello, my name is Amanda Day.

I am the founder and creative behind Terpodactyl Media. I started this company to help others create the respectable and informative media presence this industry needs to succeed through Cannabis photography and multimedia production.


My educational background began in biology and natural medicine, but I quickly developed a deep curiosity for Cannabis. After landing a job at an OMMP dispensary, I soon found myself at the University of Oregon with an entirely different career path. Since I couldn't study the plant medicinally, I shifted my attention to normalization efforts and enrolled with a focus on journalism and multimedia. Cannabis was strictly prohibited as a topic, but after relentless effort, I was permitted to research and report on the matter.


Throughout my university years, I remained active as a budtender and shop manager. I gained valuable insight into the medical and recreational landscape and spent four years helping patients and recreational consumers from behind the counter. As I acquired product knowledge and a deeper understanding of what customers were looking for, I noticed a general lack of producer information and representation.


The cannabis community was transitioning to a legal market, and it was happening in an increasingly digital world. I saw the social potential in practical, polished, and well-informed cannabis media. The training I'd received in journalism and multimedia design slowly began to merge with my career experience in the commercial cannabis world.


In 2016, a stroke left me unable to work a regular 9-5. I was forced to put my media skills to work in an independent environment and leave my daily budtending duties. I shifted to social media management and eventually, my own production company. For the last several years, I've been photographing cannabis products, copywriting, designing, curating content, and helping Oregon companies refine their digital and print presence.


Professionally produced media is a great way to eternalize hard work, showcase products, connect with customers, and ultimately increase your bottom line. Your company and consumers deserve proper presentation and concise information. For elegant, educational, entertaining, and effective media, team up with Terpodactyl today! 




© Terpodactyl Media


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