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Hello, my name is Amanda Day.

I am the founder and creative behind Terpodactyl Media. My passion for Cannabis photography, writing, design, and multimedia production stems from a love for the plant, its products, and its people.


My knowledge and skills grew over the years as I explored a higher education in biology, journalism, and multimedia at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. When I wasn't in class, I was working in the retail and plant-touching realm. 

In 2016, an unexpected health hurdle brought me even closer to Cannabis. Terpodactyl Media was born out of a fiery determination to continue working with the plant despite my new disabilities.


Today, that determination has grown into a multimedia production company serving some of Oregon's top producers - taking on projects from product photography to package design and everything in between. 

If you're looking for professional projects approached with passion, talk to Terpodactyl today!





© Terpodactyl Media


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